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VicLouis Arreola III, director

The director of the Asian/Pacific Ministries of the Pacific Union Conference works with the seven local conference coordinators and group representatives in serving 25 language groups and supporting the outreach, ministry, and growth of the Asian/Pacific churches and companies in the states of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah. The department coordinates its pastoral and lay training through the Pacific Institute of Christian Ministry (PICM), oversees various annual evangelistic meetings and other special events within these churches, fosters unity and fellowship, and provides mentoring and financial assistance to all Asian/Pacific congregations in the Pacific Union to enhance their outreach and nurture ministries.          

About VicLouis Arreola III
On August 29, 2011, Dr. Arreola was voted as director of Asian/Pacific Ministries for the Pacific Union Conference. He also serves as director of the North American Division (NAD) Asian/Pacific Ministries. He oversees the 25 Asian/Pacific language groups in North America with a membership of more than 100,000. As a church growth strategist and executive leadership coach, his passion is to teach church leaders in growing and nurturing healthy congregations. He has mentored and trained pastors, Bible workers, and lay leaders in North America and abroad. Furthermore, Dr. Arreola is the president and founder of the Pacific Institute of Christian Ministry (PICM) and he pioneered the planting of the first Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church in Hawaii. He has a rich background as a church planter, international evangelist, senior pastor, departmental director, radio and television speaker, pastoral counselor, and adjunct professor. He serves as speaker of “Our Great Hope Ministries,” an evangelism series that he conducts together with his wife, Dr. Imelda Cid Arreola, as family health lecturer and educator, and with his son, Pastor VicLouis (Vil) Arreola V, as associate speaker. Dr. Arreola holds a bachelor's degree in theology from Mountain View College, a master's degree in religion and health from the Adventist University of the Philippines, and a master of theology from the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. He has doctorate degrees from La Salle University and Evangelical Theological Seminary.

Phone: 805-413-7350

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 Bernard Castillo, Administrative Assistant                                                                          
Shortly after finishing Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Bachelor of Arts in History and Philosophy of Religion from the Adventist University of the Philippines Bernard began working as a Pre-Ministerial Intern In Central Luzon Conference. Concurrently in 2001 as he was serving as a Youth and Associate Pastor in Pasay Seventh-day Adventist Church in Manila, he was invited to be a Bible Instructor/Worker for Central California Conference, U.S.A. He’d served in many capacities but his desire is to do evangelism for his dream and aspiration is to be an Evangelist. Bringing souls to the foot of the cross through personal Bible Studies and public evangelism has always been his passion.

After 8 years of serving as Bible Instructor for Central California Conference Bernard held a Medical Record position in a skilled nursing facility then later pursued a career in Chaplaincy at the University of California San Francisco where he completed Level I and II of Clinical Pastoral Education. While in the University he and his 3 other friends were inspired to establish a Non-Profit-Media Ministry that is based in San Francisco called BEHOLD (Bringing the Everlasting Hope in the Last Days) of which he is one of the Directors and Speakers. Soon after the official launching in June 2016, BEHOLD Ministries was formally embraced and officially became one of the supporting ministries of the Asian Pacific Ministries. Its first segment was released and introduced through social media at the later part of 2016 and shortly thereafter it became one of the cohorts of HOPE Channel Philippines in reaching out the world proclaiming the Everlasting Gospel in the context of the Three Angels’ messages recorded in the book of Revelation.

Office: 805-413-7350
Cell:    408-797-7676